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I Promise Program

Teen driver car crashes remain the leading cause of permanent injury and fatalities in our youth and many fear the prom night as the evening of greatest risk. The Prom is often the focal point of the senior’s year and it should be remembered for a wonderful time only. For all of the other days of the year, parents should consider an annual safe driving agreement with their teen such as the I Promise Program at



The Prom Promise

All parties entering into our Prom contract—including Cross Keys Coach, LLC, the chauffeur, the teen passengers and the parents—agree to the following:

  1. No alcohol or other intoxicants are allowed in the limousine.
  2. There will be no smoking in the vehicle.
  3. All packages and bags are subject to inspection by the chauffeur. Backpacks are not allowed inside of the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
  4. The privacy divider remains open at all times to allow supervision by the chauffeur.
  5. The chauffeur will terminate the trip and phone the parents of the passengers if alcohol or illegal drugs are detected. Parents will be required to pick up their children.
  6. Each parent of a teen passenger must provide a phone or cell phone contact number in case of a violation or emergency.
  7. Only the teens registered below as passengers are allowed transportation in the limousine.
  8. Signing beside each name indicates that the parents and passengers listed have accepted this contract, and that the representative from the Limousine Service has the permission and right to inspect all packages and call parents accordingly.



Prom contract instructions:

The contract is available here.

  1. Print all names of students that will be in the vehicle
  2. Print a responsible parent or guardian name next to each student name
  3. List each parent emergency telephone number for the night of the prom
  4. Have all passengers and parents sign in the appropriate location
  5. Hand it to the chauffeur upon his arrival at the first pick up address.



Cross Keys Coach is pleased to be a supporter of any program that keeps our children safe. We are pleased that you have chosen to use our service for your special occasion.


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